Fountain Pens of Eboya in Tokyo Shitamachi

"Ricchiku" Series

Fountain pens of Eboya in Tokyo Shitamachi are made by hand using ebonite materials.
The pens other than off-the-shelf items are “build-to-order” producing upon the receipt of order. It usually takes 1 or 2 months to ship items. We apologize for the inconvenience.

(1) Handmade ebonite

We have utilized the cultivated know-how from generation to generation to make the “very proud ebonite to the rest of the world.”
Now, we focus on the development of beautiful Color Marble Ebonite and create one new color with perspective of the world after another.

Not only the beauty of the products, we also create products by utilizing know-how we have over the years; we change the amount of ingredients depending on products and forming processes.
We work on creating products so that customers enjoy both functions and appearances.

(2) Forming process of barrels

When fountain pens were popular as a writing material for everyday use, there were a number of fountain pens manufacturers in the downtown of Tokyo, and fountain pen craftsmen were actively involved.

In recent years, fountain pens became less common, and only a few manufacturers remained.
The ebonite forming process using a potter's wheel requires proficient skills of craftsmen. However, there are only a few craftsmen.
It is said that “the boom of fountain pens is coming.” But on the other hand, the wave of aging is bearing down the world of craftsmen. And craftsmen are constantly facing serious successor problems.
At Nikko Ebonite Mfg. Co., Ltd, we consign the manufacturing of products to the few fountain pen craftsmen in Tokyo to make collaboration products.

Please take a look at the bamboo-like “Ricchiku” series created with excellent techniques.
This series uses an “extrusion” process that is a technique to have beautiful patterns when scraping the barrel surface in a curve. Each node on the bamboo barrel is formed with edged tools. This series holds the craftsmanship that can be expressed only by hand.

(3) Classical “ink filling system”

The “ink filling system” is an ink injection system developed in Japan.
The barrel functions as an ink bottle and holds a considerable amount of ink.
Because it is made of ebonite, it will not have loose screws or ink leakage.
This systems is also made by hand by fountain pen craftsmen.

(4) Mission of Eboya

We, the ebonite manufacturer, have a large mission and meaning in manufacturing and selling fountain pens.

First, we have a mission to hand over the excellent but fading technique of fountain pen craftsmen in Tokyo as well as the culture of fountain pens to future generations.
And the continuous manufacturing of fountain pens by our company means to bring up successors who can take over the techniques.

The word “Edo” included in our fountain pen series shows the pride and mission toward the technique and culture of fountain pens of Tokyo.

(5) Adjusting technique of a pen point

The pen point of a fountain pen is the important part that affects the comfortable feeling when used.
Also, we hope that customers are satisfied with the feel of a pen when used.

Fountain pens are assembled by hand of fountain pen craftsmen through inspection and adjustment processes.
We strongly believe that customers will be very much satisfied with our fountain pens.

This way, fountain pens of “Eboya in Tokyo Shitamachi” are completed.
We hope customers will feel the texture and commitment that other fountain pens do not have.